Bright and Pop! Summer 2017 Pillow Designs

All these beautiful designs are now available at my Etsy Shop. Get them now, limited quantities and for a limited time! Summer is almost here!           Thank You for your support. Please Share with your friends! Thank You ❤  


Dreamin’ of a White Bedroom

Something I've been wanting to do for a while now has been to paint my bedroom white. I've thought about it alot because I know it can either be a big success or a big fail. I'm also not sure exactly where to start. Yeah, with a paint brush, but what is the best white … Continue reading Dreamin’ of a White Bedroom

Makeover: This Little Black Desk

As many of us are. I am obsessed with having white furniture (and sometimes teal). I love how it makes my room feel so much cleaner and bigger. So I recently added another peace of furniture into my room. I was in need of a desk and truth is that on my college student budget … Continue reading Makeover: This Little Black Desk

Doormats That Will Get You Off On The Right Foot this Summer

Let's admit it, Summer is the time of year you want to have people over for some food and drinks, at least I do. All you can think of is getting summer-ready and eating all kinds of delicious foods but  lets not forget about the rest of your home. I wanna start with the first thing … Continue reading Doormats That Will Get You Off On The Right Foot this Summer

DIY/ How to: Baby Shower Basket/Bin

This week I've been slowly working on getting a baby shower gift basket together for some good friends of ours, whom are expecting their first baby. I am almost hitting my  mid-twenties so this is around the time many of our friends get engaged, married and pregnant, and I wanna be prepared to give some exciting gifts for … Continue reading DIY/ How to: Baby Shower Basket/Bin

Organizing Clothes on Hangers by Color

Anything that makes my life easier is a plus for me so today I'm showing you how to Organize the clothes in your closet with some color coding. First off, I googled "Color charts" and a zillion results came up under Images. So i picked a color chart that I liked and quickly went with … Continue reading Organizing Clothes on Hangers by Color

DIY: Kitchen Chairs turned to Accent Chairs

I recently picked up these free torn chairs near my house and they've been sitting in the living room for a while so I finally decided they really needed a NEW look (really new). The wood on these chairs is still in great condition and is actually real wood and really just needed to be repaired. I decided to get … Continue reading DIY: Kitchen Chairs turned to Accent Chairs

From old to New: Painting Furniture

Believe it or not today is rainy here in California and its perfect because I got to stay in and keep warm. Yes, typical Californian we avoid the cold weather but really the sound of rain is so comforting to me so the last thing I want to do is go out there and get … Continue reading From old to New: Painting Furniture

Get Organized: All the Small Things

It is more than having a clean kitchen table, a clear desk or an empty hamper. The real questions are "Where are the keys?, Where is the first aid kit, and where is my mind! Truth is we kind of start to...

DIY: How to Dye a Leather Bag

So I decided to dye a Coach purse for my mom after trying to convince her to get a new one. She refused, she really loves this bag which I totally understand. I believe she had received it as a Christmas gift over 5 years ago and she really took good care of it. She took it to … Continue reading DIY: How to Dye a Leather Bag