Makeover: This Little Black Desk

As many of us are. I am obsessed with having white furniture (and sometimes teal). I love how it makes my room feel so much cleaner and bigger. I recently added another peace of furniture into my room. I was in need of a desk and truth is that on my college student budget I didn’t want to go spend money on a new one. However, I was lucky enough to have the sweet boyfriend that I have who decided to give me his former tv stand/desk since he was no longer putting it to use. It was actually in great condition and fit perfectly in a corner of my bedroom.

For months of course, I had been procrastinating on painting it and I finally got around to it. I wanted to go with white and gold but wasn’t sure how the compressed wood would react to it. So of course I thought about it….. for months!

I finally decided I’d do it. I mean worse comes to worse I’d be left with no desk. Yikes! But I have good news, things came out better than I expected. I am not saying you should paint any piece of furniture you have lying at home. I’d say you give it some thought before you do anything drastic. I painted this piece after I cleaned it very well and purchased a good paint that was going to prime as well as paint. It’s very easy for paint to run on this material but I sprayed about 6 inches away and  I cleaned the spray nozzle consistently to avoid drips and paint dots.

My desk before this “renovation” was really boring to me. It really looked awkward in my bedroom; kinda like the ugly duckling. I didn’t even want to do any work on it!

I used a white and a gold spray can bottle and did end up needing to cans of white but no more than that. I loved how it came out. I did make sure I let it dry completely for an entire day and didn’t leave it out at night so it wouldn’t catch any humidity. The results were spectacular!

Have an old desk you want to add some life to?

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Doormats That Will Get You Off On The Right Foot this Summer

Let’s admit it, Summer is the time of year you want to have people over for some food and drinks, at least I do. All you can think of is getting summer-ready and eating all kinds of delicious foods but  lets not forget about the rest of your home. I wanna start with the first thing guests see before they walk into your home, and that is your doormat! Yes the doormat! Maybe we been leaving the one from 6 months ago there and its no longer christmas so lets get it moving people. I can’t lie I’m a big fan of doormats and although I know they can be very sturdy I bet that they don’t look as “adorable” a few months later when people step all over the poor thing everyday. I decided to put a small list of doormats I completely fell in love with together to give you guys some fun and summer-friendly doormat ideas that you will love too. The other reason is because I only have one front door and I can only have (or use) one doormat at a time.


You Better Have Pizza

For the Pizza Lovers, or more like for EVERYONE! This is one of my faves, and its so funny that your guest might turn around and go pick up some pizza, which could never be bad. Ok wether their is pizza or not, you gotta admit that this doormat makes you smile.

you better have pizza mat


Mi Casa Es Su Casa

If you want to make everyone feel at home with a bit more color this next one is a pleaser. With a classic quote saying,”Mi casa es tu casa”, meaning “my home is your home”, how much cozier can anyone feel. Oh and by the way this is my current doormat and it even makes me excited each time I walk up to my front door.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa MAT


Blue Pineapples

Wanna get tropical? Just throw a bunch of pineapples at the front door.. on a doormat. This blue pineapple doormat is sure to get anyone in the mood for some piña coladas so you better have those ready too. Pineapples Mat


No Pricks Allowed

Now just to make sure that only positive energy is entering your home go ahead and make a cute statement about it. This ” No Pricks Allowed” mat is just too cute and will probably make anyone laugh before they step a foot inside.

No Pricks Allowed Mat

Do you have a favorite doormat this summer?

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DIY/ How to: Baby Shower Basket/Bin

This week I’ve been slowly working on getting a baby shower gift basket together for some good friends of ours, whom are expecting their first baby. I am almost hitting my  mid-twenties so this is around the time many of our friends get engaged, married and pregnant, and I wanna be prepared to give some exciting gifts for such special moments of their lives.
I’ve always wanted to make a nice gift basket but with the not so typical wooden basket and today is the day. I have seen the already made baskets but really I rather DIY, I get much more excited and really get to give things that someone wants and things that I buy from the heart.  My boyfriend and I usually do stick to registry items, this time we only got a few items that we wanted to throw in because we just absolutely loved them. Lastly I am sort of against the wooden basket now because well I’m an organizer,  I’m all for reusable items, and wooden baskets usually eventually begin to chip which can’t possibly be safe to have around a baby.

Let’s get started.

Pick Your Basket


So I didnt exactly pick a basket. Instead I picked this Woven Storage Bin from target that I loved because I figured can be used for storage and organization and if she loves it too she can always go get a few more matching bins. I did leave the tag on the bin in case she wants to exchange just like the rest of the gifts along with a gift receipt. Speaking of; don’t forget the gift receipt because sometimes they get doubles or even triples.


Have Your Supplies Ready


This is some of the stuff I already had at home but feel free to use what you need as well. Above is some Bakers Twine, Tissue Paper and Clear Gift Wrap that came in so so handy.


Pick Your Gifts

Owl SlippersGerber CapsMunchkin BrushFormula DispenserPampers Wipes

These are the items we got from the registry and later you’ll see the little extras we will add to the gift bin when it’s all done.Plus we’ll get creative with a few little decorations to make it all pop!

Finish Up That Basket/Bin

Here’s the cute bin all done and ready to go. I bought a sherpa blanket and placed it over the box of wipes so they’re not even seen from the outside and I also added some Nike socks because it was a must! I tied it up top with some twine and stuck a hair flower to finish it up.

Now that I’ve done this basket the possibilities seem endless! I cannot wait to use this idea for more occasions and events. Make sure to let me know if you try this for any event and if you love it as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Organizing Clothes on Hangers by Color

Anything that makes my life easier is a plus for me so today I’m showing you how to Organize the clothes in your closet with some color coding.

First off, I googled “Color charts” and a zillion results came up under Images. So i picked a color chart that I liked and quickly went with that. Then I started to sort clothes together (while on there hanger) by color and all hangers turned towards the same side. I laid those different stacks of clothing all over my bed but made sure that the same colors stayed together.

NoteDon’t forget to get rid of clothes you don’t need and donate and also get rid of mismatching hangers if possible so that everything looks much neater. 


Here is a before of part my closet (yup not so neat). yet…

Hangers Before


Then, my sorted clothes by color laying on the bed. Hopefully you can tell that things are stacked by color. 

sorted on bed 2

Now you are going to want to have the color chart that you picked right next to you so you can do this as neatly as possible. I couldn’t find the chart I used but this is a really good one. 

color chart

And last but not least make sure you try to separate your hangers as evenly from each other as possible. I actually place a finger between each hanger and that works for me but you can do more than one for items such as suits and coats. 

After hanger sortment

I absolutely loved how this quick organization session turned out. Don’t forget! If you haven’t wore it in the past 6 month or so get rid of it and make your space more precious.after hanger sorted 2

Thank you for Checking out my blog. Hope it helps you get some good ideas for your next organizing session. How do you organize your clothes on hangers? Let me know below and tell me what you thought about this post. 

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DIY: Kitchen Chairs turned to Accent Chairs

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.50.43 PM.png

We picked up these free torn chairs near my house and they’ve been sitting in the living room for a while so I finally decided they really needed a NEW look (really new). The wood on these chairs is still in great condition and is actually real wood and really just needed to be repaired. I decided to get the materials together and get started ASAP.

Things I used for the repair:

  • Spray Paint: Rust-oleum in Kona Brown
  • Sanding Sponge
  • Towel
  • Screw Driver
  • Staple Gun
  • Pliers

I started by removing all hardware from the chairs till they looked like this:



Then I wiped down the chair with a little all purpose cleaner and a towel. So next I can get to sanding.





After the sanding and painting I took advantage of the time I was going to have to wait so I threw the two cushions in the washer and they came out like new!


I used this adorable fabric to cover the cushions and used a plain white cotton fabric to put as the first layer for a more solid look. I got the fabric at Michaels, and only used one yard for both chairs.


Here is the final result of what my new chairs now look like. I totes looooove them!


And a filtered one just because I love the Chevron.#chevron





From old to New: Painting Furniture

Believe it or not today is rainy here in California and its perfect because I got to stay in and keep warm. Yes, typical Californian we avoid the cold weather but really the sound of rain is so comforting to me so the last thing I want to do is go out there and get wet plus I really don’t have to so it’s even better. While I stayed warm I began to go through very old photos and found some old pictures of some furniture I had refurnished and here’s a little story about those two pieces. I was walking around at the local flea market when I saw this Big London Clock with lots of potential, I had also found a great night stand that was actually about $14 bucks at a Goodwill, which now is almost impossible to find, considering that the nightstand I bought was real wood and all.

The clock and the nightstand were both in their original color before just needed some sanding down so they can be nice and smooth. But then after was like I gave them life! Ok, maybe they gave me life and I had spent such little money on something that I have kept till now. I really doubt I could ever get rid of these treasures, I feel like they will always find a place in my home.


I don’t know if it is just me but they looked just soooo outdated to me! And yes I know the clock on top is more of patio style clock but don’t forget that decor is about making your own style with whatever it is you like and that clock said “ME!” allover it!

Okay so here are the afters of both of these projects. Ready?




Get Organized: All the Small Things

It is more than having a clean kitchen table, a clear desk or an empty hamper. The real questions are “Where are the keys?, Where is the first aid kit, and where is my mind! Truth
is we kind of start to lose it when we are trying to head out early in the morning to get to work and suddenly the car keys are nowhere to be found and now we are rushing to make it on
time. Or, when someone in the house has an accident and the first aid kit is nowhere to be found. Alright you get the point now. We can have clear desks but everything that is actually “put away” is nowhere to be found. If you ever go through more than two drawers to try to find one thing then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Organizing the Small things has been a game changer for me and this New Year you can do it too. The small things are the ones that I would normally misplace more often and I have found that labeling and storing something by category has been the best way for me to always know where that item will be the next time I look for it. When I say “storing by category” I mean that all first aid kit supplies goes in the first aid kit and all school supplies goes in the school supplies bin ONLY. That meaning, I will not put anything additional in those storage areas if I know they do not belong there. Now, don’t you go and label a bin as “things” my friend because then you’d be starting off on the wrong foot.

Here are a few ideas that I have loved using to store some of the smaller items in my home.


Inside a very cute ottoman with storage I store all these small things. These are items that I  don’t use very often but when I do need them they are here. This spot was so perfect since it is never in my way. Each little basket has two purposes to make the most out of my storage. For example, the first one has cotton balls above and a small First Aid Kit below. I hope this can give you good ideas for storing these tiny items such as small wax kits, bleach kits, nail tools, extra buttons and more.


Above is a Key Holder that I got when I was out in Playa Del Carmen. Since I really only have one group of keys that I carry and need I actually use this for my sunglasses as well. Since it is hanging close to the door it is extremely convenient to grab my keys and sunglasses on my way out. But really the best part is that I don’t lose my keys every other morning like I once did. IMG_9951

Now, lets get into a drawer! Here is a shot of my sock drawer. (yes I use sterilite bins for almost everything). On the upper left corner are socks who are missing their partner and below that are my winter gloves and mittens. Then in each bin I organize them by length and color.

Note: I no longer fold my socks together from the top, I now roll them up flatly, which for me is much more organized (kinda like the way ties are rolled up for storage).


Last but not least is my paper storage. You can definitely see what they are used for but the most important part is to go through them often depending on how many people are using the same bin. I don’t have to worry about too much myself so sometimes I shred, file and get rid of expired coupons every two months.

I really hope you enjoyed reading and seeing some of my personal storage and organization ideas. Will this work for you? If not, what will you be doing to organize the small things in your home. The possibilities are endless so make it fun and do not overwhelm yourself. Let me know what you thought down below.

DIY: How to Dye a Leather Bag

So I decided to dye a Coach purse for my mom after trying to convince her to get a new one. She refused, she really loves this bag which I totally understand. I believe she had received it as a Christmas gift over 5 years ago and she really took good care of it. She took it to a local shop and they wanted to charge her $50 and I said, “no no no”. For the most part, the bag has just faded overtime and does not have any tears nor does the hardware have any damage. We definitely do take care of our things very much. #igotitfrommymomma

Today I’ll be giving you a quick run-through of how I dyed my moms leather Coach purse and of course I will be adding some before and after shots. Now put on some gloves, we’re about to get messy!

Things You will Need

  1. Tarrago Self shine Color Dye Kit
  2. Tape
  3. Cotton Balls
  4. Cotton Swabs
  5. Clean Dry Sponge
  6. Rubbing Alcohol
  7. Wax Paper

Ok, now that were ready to begin lets take a look at the bag before it received an extreme makeover. I tried to get some close-ups so you can really see in detail what the bag looked like before. Also, I only spent the $11 on the dye since I had everything else at home.



Lets Dye!

  1. Clean The bag with the conditioner that comes in the kit. You can apply it onto the small sponge and rub in a circular motion. This will get dirt off the bag and will remove any layers that would avoid the dye to stay on the bag. 
  2. Before unsealing the small bottle of dye make sure to shake it well. After you let it sit for a few second go ahead and open it. In the kit comes a tiny white sponge and a small paint brush. Take the paint brush and apply some dye onto the white sponge and begin to apply it on the bottom areas of the bag. I would suggest to begin on the lower part of the back side then go up and towards the front side. I felt like that was the best way to go, in order to not make such a big mess. 
  3. Take a cotton swab or cotton ball and clean any of the hardware. Make sure to clean the hardware shortly after getting any dye on it in order to avoid any permanent stains. 
  4. Go ahead and dye any areas that might seem like they were not covered the first time or that may be uneven.





Decorative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Any Occasion

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a great Christmas and are now ready for the New Year. I wish I would have posted this before Christmas but it’s all gravy baby! Here are some ideas on decorating a gift wrapped box if you’re thinking outside the box. #nopunintended

Things You will Need


Decorative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hope you love them! The branches are just a little xmas theme fun but add whatever you’d like. Stick in a flower or some candy. I say something will put a smile on that special persons face. Also, I thought I’d mention that all in all I spent less than 10 bucks. How awesome is that! And I Wrapped about 12 different sized boxes or more.

Blue paper: Got it at marshalls a few years back

Gold Paper: Home Goods for $3

Each Twine pack: Target for $1

Scotch Tape: Dollar Tree for $1

Gift & Hanging Tags: Target for $1



Loved how I was able to use a non-christmas style paper and turn it into a Christmas gift.


Don’t be afraid of the “It’s so cute I don’t even want to open it!” comment. Trust me, they want to open it, and thats what they’re for!



Small Boxes can be dull but these were just perfect!

Makeover: Organizing a Guys Room on a Tight Budget

Today, I’ll be featuring one of my brothers’ bedroom. First, we will start with the not so happy place in which he spends each night and a few hours of the day in. He currently rents a room and spends most of his time out. He works two jobs and finds hardly any time to think about the mess that is causing him stress.

Let me tell you, I think we get so accustomed to walking right by our mess that we start to just settle for what it is. Although, we are not exactly realizing that we are really only making ourselves more stressed out.

So in order for you to get to know my brother Jessie I will start with the things he likes and somewhat collects. He owns over 200 DVDs and Blu-Ray movies, several sport figurines, alongside plenty of baseball caps and of course clothes like most of us. I really wouldn’t say he’s a difficult guy but this project sure did take some time for him to think and even reevaluate what he really needs and what he doesn’t.

Here is the very first section we worked on during Day 1, yes there were 2 days of my brother getting rid of so many things and lots of it was trash. Funny thing is, before I arrived to his house I asked him to have at least 3 large trash bags ready for me and he kinda laughed because he said, “Well, I don’t have that much trash or things to get rid of”. I originally asked for the bags for 3 things that need to be separated; trash, donations, and things to sell. Well we got rid of an entire 30 gallon size bag with just trash in it, and I mean filled up to the top people! #inyourfacebro! #womenarealwaysright

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here is his closet, which consists of some pants and plenty of shirts, shortly after getting rid of a bundle of clothes. The left side of the closet was not too bad so we did very minor changes. Left side is where he keeps coats, sweaters and jackets which he does not have much of, I mean who does in Sunny California?

Closet is organized from left to right in the following order, and all with the front part facing the left side:

  • Dark Dress Pants  (Black Hanger)
  • Khaki Pants  (Black Hanger)
  • Denim Pants(Black Hangers)
  • Tank Tops  (White Hanger)
  • Tee Shirts  (White Hanger)
  • Short Sleeve Collared Shirts  (White Hanger)
  • Short Sleeve Button Ups  (White Hanger)
  • Long Sleeve, No collar  (Black Hangers)
  • Long Sleeve w/ collar  (Black Hangers)
  • Long Sleeve Button Ups  (Black Hangers)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see above, there is a pattern for the color of the hangers with the clothes. Pants go on black hangers, short sleeve shirts on white and long sleeve shirts on black hangers. It is a good way to maintain a neat closet. Note: The long sleeves which are on black hangers are not visible in the picture because they are all the way to the right side which is covered by the wall, but I promise they are there. I also rearranged shoes which were originally stacked on top of each other in no absolute order. To save some money we did not go with a shoe rack but instead laid them out facing each other in an upside-down manner.

Above, is the middle section of the room. We put the bed on its base that my brother already had which gave him more storage space.

And last but not least, are a few other items we used as storage for his small bedroom. We used two of the  Sterilite ClearView Latch  bins on the left for most of his BluRay and Dvds and only left his faves out on a DVD stand by the TV. We also got the Over-the-door Cap Organizer that is on the left for all his baseball caps.


My brother is now very psyched with how organized his bedroom is and is looking forward to the challenge of maintaining it. He loved all the storage ideas and is putting them to good use.


All of the products we used for this project were purchased by my brother and I recommend them 100%. We spent 2 days on this project for only a few hours each day so don’t overwhelm yourself. P.S. We spent less than $35 dollars on this project, talk about tight budget eh! #werock

Thank you so so much for checking out my blog today I will keep you updated with my projects. Please comment if you have any questions about this project. P.S. I see a DIY project in the very-near future! Yay!