The Day the Decluttering Began

    For many years I have been a messy, cluttered person. Every year around December I’d tell myself that this new year I’d really get it together, clean my room, take out what is not needed, and organize it.Well, for about 5 or 6 years I continued to say that and every year my bedroom only seemed to get more cluttered and more messy. I am only 23 years old but I asked myself “How much longer can I really go like this?” Perhaps waiting around for December was not the most clever idea.
I started to find so many reasons why I did not want to live like this. I didn’t want to be ashamed when someone walked into my home. I wanted my bedroom to be a place for me to have peace and quiet not only mentally but physically as well. I wanted this place to feel like a “Happy Place” to me and so far only Disneyland had felt like one of them.

  Perfume Tray   At 23 I am growing so much and trying to change things about myself for the better. So far it has been about 7 months that my room is clutter-free and I can never think of ever going back! Although it was a New Years resolution it did not take me week 1 of January. I started by trying to accept it and slowly working on it and finished till February and I can tell you its something that you gotta keep working on all the time. I not only feel that my life feels organized but I also have more time to live life, have fun, and focus on what is truly important. With a busy schedule right around the corner this will make life so much less stressful when I have to juggle school and work.
So remember, if you don’t need it or use it then get rid of it. There are much better things to do and have than a size 0 Levi’s that only fit in high school, after all it wouldn’t hurt to find some that actually fit.


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