4 Easy Steps that Will Help You Get & Stay Organized in College


As you may already know, being a student can be quite the stressful way of living. Some students are part of clubs, organizations, study groups and some even have jobs. Things get so bad sometimes that we just wanna pull our hair out and put our head under our pillow and YELL!! Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but NOT really. Being a student whether its Part-Time or Full-Time is one hectic job and in this post I am going to be sharing with you some tips that will help you get and stay organized on a busy school schedule.

1. Set an Agenda for Yourself
If you don’t already have a planner where you write what your doing daily or weekly you can also get your yourself an app for it. You will have each day planned out the way you would want it to be.

Caution: Do Not overwhelm yourself by taking more courses than you can handle.

I know some of you feel like Superman or Wonder Woman but if you don’t feel confident from the beginning of the Quarter/Semester you’re only going to be left wondering why you dropped classes or failed them. Yes I said fail, because not everyone can pass 18 Units with an A people! The Goal is to pass your classes with a C or higher of course. #Goals

2. Wake Up Early, Make your Bed & Eat
Yes I know. I sound a little like Mom, but they do say “Mother Knows Best”. BTW this is the best morning advise I have ever taken and put to good use. Lets start by waking up early. Also, getting to places early and not on time because we know that “on time” really means late. First thing you should do after you open your eyes, yawn and stretch is your bed. Making your bed definitely starts your day off on the right foot and can even become a great habit. Also, eat something before you walk out that door whether it’s a banana, an oatmeal or some cereal. I’d really avoid energy drinks if I were you.


3. Be Tidy & Do Not Clutter
Have a tidy place to work, eat and sleep. Treat your room as if it was your work office and by that I mean “Do not Trash it!” Learn how to get rid of things you don’t need or use and keep it that way. A great tip I’ve loved using is to always “elevate”, meaning don’t leave anything on the floor along with picking up things that are on the floor. Label bins so they’re easier to find, if you’d like to use bins I show you how in 10 Things to Organize in Sterilite Bins

4. Have a Peaceful Place to Study
If you don’t already have a desk get yourself a desk and desk chair, keep it clean and ready for your study time; that will be your peaceful study place and I promise it will make all the difference.I promise it will turn your room into a place with the peace and serenity that you need.





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