Makeover: Organizing a Guys Room on a Tight Budget

Today, I’ll be featuring one of my brothers’ bedroom. First, we will start with the not so happy place in which he spends each night and a few hours of the day in. He currently rents a room and spends most of his time out. He works two jobs and finds hardly any time to think about the mess that is causing him stress.

Let me tell you, I think we get so accustomed to walking right by our mess that we start to just settle for what it is. Although, we are not exactly realizing that we are really only making ourselves more stressed out.

So in order for you to get to know my brother Jessie I will start with the things he likes and somewhat collects. He owns over 200 DVDs and Blu-Ray movies, several sport figurines, alongside plenty of baseball caps and of course clothes like most of us. I really wouldn’t say he’s a difficult guy but this project sure did take some time for him to think and even reevaluate what he really needs and what he doesn’t.

Here is the very first section we worked on during Day 1, yes there were 2 days of my brother getting rid of so many things and lots of it was trash. Funny thing is, before I arrived to his house I asked him to have at least 3 large trash bags ready for me and he kinda laughed because he said, “Well, I don’t have that much trash or things to get rid of”. I originally asked for the bags for 3 things that need to be separated; trash, donations, and things to sell. Well we got rid of an entire 30 gallon size bag with just trash in it, and I mean filled up to the top people! #inyourfacebro! #womenarealwaysright

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Here is his closet, which consists of some pants and plenty of shirts, shortly after getting rid of a bundle of clothes. The left side of the closet was not too bad so we did very minor changes. Left side is where he keeps coats, sweaters and jackets which he does not have much of, I mean who does in Sunny California?

Closet is organized from left to right in the following order, and all with the front part facing the left side:

  • Dark Dress Pants  (Black Hanger)
  • Khaki Pants  (Black Hanger)
  • Denim Pants(Black Hangers)
  • Tank Tops  (White Hanger)
  • Tee Shirts  (White Hanger)
  • Short Sleeve Collared Shirts  (White Hanger)
  • Short Sleeve Button Ups  (White Hanger)
  • Long Sleeve, No collar  (Black Hangers)
  • Long Sleeve w/ collar  (Black Hangers)
  • Long Sleeve Button Ups  (Black Hangers)

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As you can see above, there is a pattern for the color of the hangers with the clothes. Pants go on black hangers, short sleeve shirts on white and long sleeve shirts on black hangers. It is a good way to maintain a neat closet. Note: The long sleeves which are on black hangers are not visible in the picture because they are all the way to the right side which is covered by the wall, but I promise they are there. I also rearranged shoes which were originally stacked on top of each other in no absolute order. To save some money we did not go with a shoe rack but instead laid them out facing each other in an upside-down manner.

Above, is the middle section of the room. We put the bed on its base that my brother already had which gave him more storage space.

And last but not least, are a few other items we used as storage for his small bedroom. We used two of the  Sterilite ClearView Latch  bins on the left for most of his BluRay and Dvds and only left his faves out on a DVD stand by the TV. We also got the Over-the-door Cap Organizer that is on the left for all his baseball caps.


My brother is now very psyched with how organized his bedroom is and is looking forward to the challenge of maintaining it. He loved all the storage ideas and is putting them to good use.


All of the products we used for this project were purchased by my brother and I recommend them 100%. We spent 2 days on this project for only a few hours each day so don’t overwhelm yourself. P.S. We spent less than $35 dollars on this project, talk about tight budget eh! #werock

Thank you so so much for checking out my blog today I will keep you updated with my projects. Please comment if you have any questions about this project. P.S. I see a DIY project in the very-near future! Yay!


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