DIY: Decorative Gift Wrapping for The Holidays

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a great Christmas and are now ready for the New Year. I wish I would have posted this before Christmas but it’s all gravy baby! Here are some ideas on decorating a gift wrapped box if you’re thinking outside the box. #nopunintended

Things You will Need


Decorative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hope you love them! The branches are just a little xmas theme fun but add whatever you’d like. Stick in a flower or some candy. I say something will put a smile on that special persons face. Also, I thought I’d mention that all in all I spent less than 10 bucks. How awesome is that! And I Wrapped about 12 different sized boxes or more.

Blue paper: Got it at marshalls a few years back

Gold Paper: Home Goods for $3

Each Twine pack: Target for $1

Scotch Tape: Dollar Tree for $1

Gift & Hanging Tags: Target for $1



Loved how I was able to use a non-christmas style paper and turn it into a Christmas gift.


Don’t be afraid of the “It’s so cute I don’t even want to open it!” comment. Trust me, they want to open it, and thats what they’re for!



Small Boxes can be dull but these were just perfect!


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