Get Organized: All the Small Things

It is more than having a clean kitchen table, a clear desk or an empty hamper. The real questions are “Where are the keys?, Where is the first aid kit, and where is my mind! Truth
is we kind of start to lose it when we are trying to head out early in the morning to get to work and suddenly the car keys are nowhere to be found and now we are rushing to make it on
time. Or, when someone in the house has an accident and the first aid kit is nowhere to be found. Alright you get the point now. We can have clear desks but everything that is actually “put away” is nowhere to be found. If you ever go through more than two drawers to try to find one thing then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Organizing the Small things has been a game changer for me and this New Year you can do it too. The small things are the ones that I would normally misplace more often and I have found that labeling and storing something by category has been the best way for me to always know where that item will be the next time I look for it. When I say “storing by category” I mean that all first aid kit supplies goes in the first aid kit and all school supplies goes in the school supplies bin ONLY. That meaning, I will not put anything additional in those storage areas if I know they do not belong there. Now, don’t you go and label a bin as “things” my friend because then you’d be starting off on the wrong foot.

Here are a few ideas that I have loved using to store some of the smaller items in my home.


Inside a very cute ottoman with storage I store all these small things. These are items that I  don’t use very often but when I do need them they are here. This spot was so perfect since it is never in my way. Each little basket has two purposes to make the most out of my storage. For example, the first one has cotton balls above and a small First Aid Kit below. I hope this can give you good ideas for storing these tiny items such as small wax kits, bleach kits, nail tools, extra buttons and more.


Above is a Key Holder that I got when I was out in Playa Del Carmen. Since I really only have one group of keys that I carry and need I actually use this for my sunglasses as well. Since it is hanging close to the door it is extremely convenient to grab my keys and sunglasses on my way out. But really the best part is that I don’t lose my keys every other morning like I once did. IMG_9951

Now, lets get into a drawer! Here is a shot of my sock drawer. (yes I use sterilite bins for almost everything). On the upper left corner are socks who are missing their partner and below that are my winter gloves and mittens. Then in each bin I organize them by length and color.

Note: I no longer fold my socks together from the top, I now roll them up flatly, which for me is much more organized (kinda like the way ties are rolled up for storage).


Last but not least is my paper storage. You can definitely see what they are used for but the most important part is to go through them often depending on how many people are using the same bin. I don’t have to worry about too much myself so sometimes I shred, file and get rid of expired coupons every two months.

I really hope you enjoyed reading and seeing some of my personal storage and organization ideas. Will this work for you? If not, what will you be doing to organize the small things in your home. The possibilities are endless so make it fun and do not overwhelm yourself. Let me know what you thought down below.


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