From old to New: Painting Furniture

Believe it or not today is rainy here in California and its perfect because I got to stay in and keep warm. Yes, typical Californian we avoid the cold weather but really the sound of rain is so comforting to me so the last thing I want to do is go out there and get wet plus I really don’t have to so it’s even better. While I stayed warm I began to go through very old photos and found some old pictures of some furniture I had refurnished and here’s a little story about those two pieces. I was walking around at the local flea market when I saw this Big London Clock with lots of potential, I had also found a great night stand that was actually about $14 bucks at a Goodwill, which now is almost impossible to find, considering that the nightstand I bought was real wood and all.

The clock and the nightstand were both in their original color before just needed some sanding down so they can be nice and smooth. But then after was like I gave them life! Ok, maybe they gave me life and I had spent such little money on something that I have kept till now. I really doubt I could ever get rid of these treasures, I feel like they will always find a place in my home.


I don’t know if it is just me but they looked just soooo outdated to me! And yes I know the clock on top is more of patio style clock but don’t forget that decor is about making your own style with whatever it is you like and that clock said “ME!” allover it!

Okay so here are the afters of both of these projects. Ready?





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