Organizing Clothes on Hangers by Color

Anything that makes my life easier is a plus for me so today I’m showing you how to Organize the clothes in your closet with some color coding.

First off, I googled “Color charts” and a zillion results came up under Images. So i picked a color chart that I liked and quickly went with that. Then I started to sort clothes together (while on there hanger) by color and all hangers turned towards the same side. I laid those different stacks of clothing all over my bed but made sure that the same colors stayed together.

NoteDon’t forget to get rid of clothes you don’t need and donate and also get rid of mismatching hangers if possible so that everything looks much neater. 


Here is a before of part my closet (yup not so neat). yet…

Hangers Before


Then, my sorted clothes by color laying on the bed. Hopefully you can tell that things are stacked by color. 

sorted on bed 2

Now you are going to want to have the color chart that you picked right next to you so you can do this as neatly as possible. I couldn’t find the chart I used but this is a really good one. 

color chart

And last but not least make sure you try to separate your hangers as evenly from each other as possible. I actually place a finger between each hanger and that works for me but you can do more than one for items such as suits and coats. 

After hanger sortment

I absolutely loved how this quick organization session turned out. Don’t forget! If you haven’t wore it in the past 6 month or so get rid of it and make your space more precious.after hanger sorted 2

Thank you for Checking out my blog. Hope it helps you get some good ideas for your next organizing session. How do you organize your clothes on hangers? Let me know below and tell me what you thought about this post. 

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12 thoughts on “Organizing Clothes on Hangers by Color

  1. beeorganizedwithpam says:

    Great tips. I love having my closet organized by color. It is so helpful when deciding what to wear and what to shop for. I for one was able to immediately tell that I was in color rut. Keep up the good work. BTY LOVE the name! Idecorganizeyou.

    Liked by 1 person

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