DIY/ How to: Baby Shower Basket/Bin

This week I’ve been slowly working on getting a baby shower gift basket together for some good friends of ours, whom are expecting their first baby. I am almost hitting my  mid-twenties so this is around the time many of our friends get engaged, married and pregnant, and I wanna be prepared to give some exciting gifts for such special moments of their lives.
I’ve always wanted to make a nice gift basket but with the not so typical wooden basket and today is the day. I have seen the already made baskets but really I rather DIY, I get much more excited and really get to give things that someone wants and things that I buy from the heart.  My boyfriend and I usually do stick to registry items, this time we only got a few items that we wanted to throw in because we just absolutely loved them. Lastly I am sort of against the wooden basket now because well I’m an organizer,  I’m all for reusable items, and wooden baskets usually eventually begin to chip which can’t possibly be safe to have around a baby.

Let’s get started.

Pick Your Basket


So I didnt exactly pick a basket. Instead I picked this Woven Storage Bin from target that I loved because I figured can be used for storage and organization and if she loves it too she can always go get a few more matching bins. I did leave the tag on the bin in case she wants to exchange just like the rest of the gifts along with a gift receipt. Speaking of; don’t forget the gift receipt because sometimes they get doubles or even triples.


Have Your Supplies Ready


This is some of the stuff I already had at home but feel free to use what you need as well. Above is some Bakers Twine, Tissue Paper and Clear Gift Wrap that came in so so handy.


Pick Your Gifts

Owl SlippersGerber CapsMunchkin BrushFormula DispenserPampers Wipes

These are the items we got from the registry and later you’ll see the little extras we will add to the gift bin when it’s all done.Plus we’ll get creative with a few little decorations to make it all pop!

Finish Up That Basket/Bin

Here’s the cute bin all done and ready to go. I bought a sherpa blanket and placed it over the box of wipes so they’re not even seen from the outside and I also added some Nike socks because it was a must! I tied it up top with some twine and stuck a hair flower to finish it up.

Now that I’ve done this basket the possibilities seem endless! I cannot wait to use this idea for more occasions and events. Make sure to let me know if you try this for any event and if you love it as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.


2 thoughts on “DIY/ How to: Baby Shower Basket/Bin

  1. Joy says:

    I love this! Such a great idea and you can totally customize it to your budget. I got a basket for our wedding and it was awesome. A bunch of little stuff I needed. A tea kettle, some tea, a set of mugs, and a bunch more stuff I don’t even remember.

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