Doormats That Will Get You Off On The Right Foot this Summer

Let’s admit it, Summer is the time of year you want to have people over for some food and drinks, at least I do. All you can think of is getting summer-ready and eating all kinds of delicious foods but  lets not forget about the rest of your home. I wanna start with the first thing guests see before they walk into your home, and that is your doormat! Yes the doormat! Maybe we been leaving the one from 6 months ago there and its no longer christmas so lets get it moving people. I can’t lie I’m a big fan of doormats and although I know they can be very sturdy I bet that they don’t look as “adorable” a few months later when people step all over the poor thing everyday. I decided to put a small list of doormats I completely fell in love with together to give you guys some fun and summer-friendly doormat ideas that you will love too. The other reason is because I only have one front door and I can only have (or use) one doormat at a time.


You Better Have Pizza

For the Pizza Lovers, or more like for EVERYONE! This is one of my faves, and its so funny that your guest might turn around and go pick up some pizza, which could never be bad. Ok wether their is pizza or not, you gotta admit that this doormat makes you smile.

you better have pizza mat


Mi Casa Es Su Casa

If you want to make everyone feel at home with a bit more color this next one is a pleaser. With a classic quote saying,”Mi casa es tu casa”, meaning “my home is your home”, how much cozier can anyone feel. Oh and by the way this is my current doormat and it even makes me excited each time I walk up to my front door.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa MAT


Blue Pineapples

Wanna get tropical? Just throw a bunch of pineapples at the front door.. on a doormat. This blue pineapple doormat is sure to get anyone in the mood for some piña coladas so you better have those ready too. Pineapples Mat


No Pricks Allowed

Now just to make sure that only positive energy is entering your home go ahead and make a cute statement about it. This ” No Pricks Allowed” mat is just too cute and will probably make anyone laugh before they step a foot inside.

No Pricks Allowed Mat

Do you have a favorite doormat this summer?

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8 thoughts on “Doormats That Will Get You Off On The Right Foot this Summer

  1. Joy says:

    Of these I like the pineapples, but I’d probably go the traditional “welcome” route if I was going to buy one. But I love seeing them at other people’s doors.

    Liked by 1 person

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