Makeover: This Little Black Desk

As many of us are. I am obsessed with having white furniture (and sometimes teal). I love how it makes my room feel so much cleaner and bigger. So I recently added another peace of furniture into my room. I was in need of a desk and truth is that on my college student budget I didn’t want to go spend money on a new one. However, I was lucky enough to have the sweet boyfriend that I have who decided to give me his former tv stand/desk since he was no longer putting it to use. It was actually in great condition and fit perfectly in a corner of my bedroom.

For months of course, I had been procrastinating on painting it and I finally got around to it. I wanted to go with white and gold but wasn’t sure how the compressed wood would react to it. So of course I thought about it….. for months!

I finally decided I’d do it. I mean worse comes to worse I’d be left with no desk. Yikes! But I have good news, things came out better than I expected. I am not saying you should paint any piece of furniture you have lying at home. I’d say you give it some thought before you do anything drastic. I painted this piece after I cleaned it very well and purchased a good paint that was going to prime as well as paint. It’s very easy for paint to run on this material but I sprayed about 6 inches away and  I cleaned the spray nozzle consistently to avoid drips and paint dots.

My desk before this “renovation” was really boring to me. It really looked awkward in my bedroom; kinda like the ugly duckling. I didn’t even want to do any work on it!

I used a white and a gold spray can bottle and did end up needing to cans of white but no more than that. I loved how it came out. I did make sure I let it dry completely for an entire day and didn’t leave it out at night so it wouldn’t catch any humidity. The results were spectacular!

Have an old desk you want to add some life to?

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Love Ya!


15 thoughts on “Makeover: This Little Black Desk

  1. The Average Gurl says:

    Wow! That’s has made a major difference! I only do small DIYs because I fail at stuff like this😂 One day I will have the courage to do this to an old furniture xx

    Liked by 1 person

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