Bright and Pop! Summer 2017 Pillow Designs

All these beautiful designs are now available at my Etsy Shop. Get them now, limited quantities and for a limited time! Summer is almost here!           Thank You for your support. Please Share with your friends! Thank You ❤  


Dreamin’ of a White Bedroom

Something I've been wanting to do for a while now has been to paint my bedroom white. I've thought about it alot because I know it can either be a big success or a big fail. I'm also not sure exactly where to start. Yeah, with a paint brush, but what is the best white … Continue reading Dreamin’ of a White Bedroom

Organizing Clothes on Hangers by Color

Anything that makes my life easier is a plus for me so today I'm showing you how to Organize the clothes in your closet with some color coding. First off, I googled "Color charts" and a zillion results came up under Images. So i picked a color chart that I liked and quickly went with … Continue reading Organizing Clothes on Hangers by Color

Get Organized: All the Small Things

It is more than having a clean kitchen table, a clear desk or an empty hamper. The real questions are "Where are the keys?, Where is the first aid kit, and where is my mind! Truth is we kind of start to...

Makeover: Organizing a Guys Room on a Tight Budget

Today, I’ll be featuring one of my brothers' bedroom. First, we will start with the not so happy place in which he spends each night and a few hours of the day in. He currently rents a room and spends most of his time out. He works two jobs and finds hardly any time to think … Continue reading Makeover: Organizing a Guys Room on a Tight Budget

4 Easy Steps that Will Help You Get & Stay Organized in College

  As you may already know, being a student can be quite the stressful way of living. Some students are part of clubs, organizations, study groups and some even have jobs. Things get so bad sometimes that we just wanna pull our hair out and put our head under our pillow and YELL!! Ok maybe I’m exaggerating … Continue reading 4 Easy Steps that Will Help You Get & Stay Organized in College

10 Things to Organize in Sterilite Bins

  In this blog post, I’m sharing 10 things that you should store inside of Sterilite bins. You might already do this or it might be a new idea well I just hope it becomes a convenient method for your organization goals. Using Sterilite bins is one of my current #fave ways to organize and look … Continue reading 10 Things to Organize in Sterilite Bins

The Day the Decluttering Began

    For many years I have been a messy, cluttered person. Every year around December I’d tell myself that this new year I'd really get it together, clean my room, take out what is not needed, and organize it.Well, for about 5 or 6 years I continued to say that and every year my … Continue reading The Day the Decluttering Began